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Cycling Shoes

Sidi Bullet 2
Sidi's Bullet 2 Mesh shoes fit superbly, are built to last and offer excellent pedal power. The supple uppers and the molded plastic heel cups deliver a custom fit. Sidi's Competition soles handle any terrain, whether you're riding or hiking. And, the Velcro closures let you fine-tune the fit in seconds.
Sidi Bullet 2 Mega
Tired of shoes that hurt your feet because they're wider than most? Sidi's Bullet 2 Mega Mesh shoes are carefully sculpted to eliminate squeezing, pinching, and other forms of foot torture for those with wide feet. And, Sidi's Competition soles are built to handle any terrain, whether you're riding or hiking. Plus, the Velcro straps let you fine-tune the fit in seconds. Try the Bullet 2s and you'll be amazed how good a pair of shoes can feel.
Sidi Genius 5.5 Carbon Composite
Sidi's Genius 5.5 Carbon Composite shoes offer the latest in technology with a custom fit you'll love. The super-comfortable Lorica uppers have mesh panels that keep you dry and comfortable. Sidi's Arch Compression Straps, Caliper buckles and Velcro closures provide a perfect fit every time. And Sidi's Carbon Composite soles optimize your power transfer, prevent hot spots and keep these sweet shoes ultra light.
Sidi Giau
Sidi's Giaus deliver a custom fit and excellent comfort and efficiency off road and on. Sidi's synthetic-leather and mesh uppers offer wonderful support and feel great, while Sidi's Competition soles ensure all your power goes straight to the ground for optimum efficiency. Plus, there are triple Velcro closures for fine-tuning the fit and padded tongues with Sidi's Fit Relievers. And, there are lugged soles for all-surface traction.
Sidi Women's Dominator 5
Sidi's Women's Dominator 5s boast Sidi's exceptionally comfortable Lorica uppers with soft, padded tongues and conforming plastic heel cups. Plus they have Sidi's stiff, ergonomic Competition soles for amazing pedal power and comfort. You also get Sidi's Arch Compression Straps and Ultra SL Buckles for a great fit and feel, and easy adjustability.
Sidi Women's Genius 5 Pro Carbon
Sidi's Women's Genius 5 Pro Carbons are specifically engineered with efficiency and comfort in mind. The supple Lorica uppers are durable, breathable, and tougher than leather. And, Sidi's Arch Compression Straps, Ultra SL Buckles and Velcro straps offer easy adjustment and a custom fit, while the padded tongues maximize your comfort. Plus, Sidi's Millennium 3 soles deliver awesome power transfer. Get the Genius 5 Pro Carbons and your feet will thank you for years to come.
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