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DT Swiss HXC 1501 Spline ONE LS Front Wheel
The HXC 1501 SPLINE ONE LS are extra lightweight carbon eMTB wheels are engineered for riders looking for outstanding agility. Thanks to the low weight carbon rims, riders benefit from increased agility and dynamism when going uphill and downhill, while withstanding the increased torques of eMTBs. The spokes were designed with specific diameters to align light weight and resistance. Inside the 240 hub, oversized bearings support the additional loads of eMTBs. Each component has been designed with the specific aim of delivering advanced agility to find flow and fun on the trails. - Built to provide ultimate riding agility for light eMTBs - Perfect balance between low weight and resistance, ready to go faster in the ups and the downs - Hybrid-specific spoke design provides an advanced riding experience, combining resistance and lightweight - The 240 Hybrid LS hub features larger bearings for improved durability and rolling efficiency
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