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700c, 27-Inch & 650c

Shimano WH-7850-SL Dura-Ace Tubeless Clincher Wheelset
With Shimano's WH-7850-SL Dura-Ace wheels you can ditch the tubes, reduce your chances of flats, lose some weight and experience wonderful road feel and ride quality. These feathery wonders feature top-of-the-line Dura-Ace titanium 10-speed hubs, stiff Scandium rims and wide hub flanges for strength and power transfer. Shimano's angular contact bearings offer that silky smooth action that DA is renowned for, too. Plus, they accept tubeless tires for the ultimate road ride (standard tires fit as well). What's more, the hub-mounted nipples and 24mm-front and 23mm-rear rim profiles make these wheels significantly lighter, stronger and more aerodynamic than conventional models.
Shimano RS30 Wheelset
Add some speed and good looks to your ride with Shimano's RS30 Wheelset. The 30mm rim depth helps you slice through the wind, as do the aero double-butted spokes. They're durable enough for everyday use and light enough to train on as well. The wide hub flanges and offset rims makes them stiff, just what you need for steering precision, high-speed cornering and efficient power transmission. They're also compatible with 8, 9, and 10-speed cassettes so you can use them on all your bikes.
Shimano RS81 C24 Carbon Clincher Wheelset
The Shimano WH-RS81 C24 is a brilliant example of trickle down technology at its finest. The carbon lamination/ alloy-construction paired with double butted, straight-pull spokes enhance durability and stiffness for the most efficient transferring of power. The carbon laminate profile keeps weight to a bare minimum, while the alloy brake track offers better braking performance and stopping power than one would get from a carbon brake track. Weighing at a mere 1,520 grams, the minimal weight alone makes the RS81 a sweet climbing wheel. Pair its lightweight with its low profile and power transfer, and you have an even sweeter wheel for pedaling uphill. However, the RS81 doesn't stop at climbing, and is a reliable, do-it-all wheel that won't shy away in the sprints or solo attacks.
Shimano Ultegra WH-R8170-C36-TL 700c Wheelset
With a shallow-depth aero profile and lively acceleration, the ULTEGRA R8170 C36 wheelset is a climber's delight that delivers performance every road rider will appreciate. With the speed and efficiency of tubeless tires, the everyday performance of a shallow, aero profile carbon rim, and the convenience of 11 and 12-speed compatibility, the new ULTEGRA R8170 C36 wheelset is an upgrade for any road bike. - 36 mm height full carbon rim - Internal rim width: 21 mm - Shared rim profile with R9200 DURA-ACE wheels - Improved aerodynamics
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