It was 1979 when a 21 year old Forrest Ridgway first started Bike World in the basement of Doug's Toy World in Des Moines, Iowa. Do you think he had any idea that Iowa cycling and Bike World would become what it is today? Since then, cycling has definitely grown and evolved - and Bike World, still owned by Forrest, has grown and evolved along with it. Over the years, we have had a few storefront moves, changes, and additions. Our warehouse location has made its mark on the cycling community with our annual Warehouse Sale. Our current Urbandale location (moved to in 2009) is a beautiful and spacious store inviting shoppers to explore and see all that cycling has to offer. Our Ames location was recently remodeled, updated, and is now stocked with everything a cyclist would ever need. Bike World West Des Moines, moved from its location on Ashworth Rd. to Village View Dr. in 2010, gaining some much needed space.

In 2018, Bike World will continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our customers (and by now, many very good friends). We never guessed we would be moving again so soon but we have the opportunity to to make a big change. This year will mark our first year of putting our West Des Moines store and our warehouse under the same roof (trust us, it's a big roof). We will be merging both locations in what was once a the Dahl's grocery store on 50th and EP True Parkway in West Des Moines. 

Funny to think, what once fit into a basement corner has transformed into what will be one of the largest bicycle stores in the country.