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Buddy Pegs B is for Bicycle
A children's ABC's book focused on the benefits of the cycling lifestyle: health, freedom, independence, self-reliance, self-confidence, and environmental stewardship from the crew at BUDDY PEGS. After 13 years as the owners of a local bike shop, Scott and Jannine Fitzgerald launched, BUDDY PEGS, a children's media company that inspires kids through the bicycle. B Is For Bicycles is their first book. Fall in love with these two dogs, and their animal friends, as they, fall in love with cycling, explore the alphabet, and learn what makes the bicycle so amazing. Illustrated in beautiful, original, watercolor art work, this hardcover book will quickly become the favorite at bedtime. Jannine and Scott have taken the spirit of their former dogs to create unique, and personality rich, characters who discover the joys of cycling while riding through the ABC's. Professional artist Kathleen Hanson beautifully illustrated each of the pages in original watercolor. Each letter of the alphabet is focused on cycling, healthy lifestyles in connected communities, and environmental stewardship. Parents and kids love the Fun Facts page that explores more of the history and stories that inspired the various letters of the book. Plus, the back cover serves as a bicycle sizing guide for kids of all ages
Buddy Pegs Taking the Lead
A new children's book that empowers kids to succeed through the inspiration of the bicycle. From the creators of B Is For Bicycles. Author: Scott Fitzgerald/ Buddy Pegs Illustrator: Michael Clarida Editor: Tobie Depauw
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